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Clearly I am NOT a blogger...

As usual, life is unpredictably wonderful....not that everything is perfect, mind you...definitely NOT perfect. But everything is moving forward. Forward is good. As my husband and I have entered our 50's (ok so that was almost 2 years ago...ha!) our nest has become more empty, our house full of boyfriends, his professional life a little more hit and miss, and mine more busy. Its been 20 years since I had a youngest now 16 has a life of her own but still needs me now and then, so its part time work.

I still love to play in my crafty nook. Here is what it usually looks like:

In my defense, I've been purging and rearranging, so it's slightly worse than normal. I have plans to put my Kallax 4x4 I purchased with my first paycheck, in here this week! I'm excited to continue working on this room as we finish paying off some medical debt and get our emergency fund and savings back in line. Life happens. #stillblessed

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