Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Here I am again....clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right...

So, the past four months, since the Calvinball ended in March/ much has gone on! 

My husband got a job! Woot! But...working at home, which is great, and different. I'm used to having my "me time", and lots of it. I'm adjusting. He's adjusting. And the girls are adjusting.

We got another puppy...cuz we're crazy like that. That's him, up there. His name, after a family vote, is Tucker. Yes, it rhymes with that other word. And yes, its sometimes appropriate. We lost flipflops and underwear. Because our other puppy, now a year old, just wasn't so much like that. Boomer, he's a mellow guy. Tucker, not so much. But he's in puppy training class and we love him to pieces anyhow. Just don't try to wake him at night...he is VERY grumpy.

So, then, we got my oldest daughter graduated from high school, after much online math classes. And now we are trying to get her registered for college. She learned a lot of hard lessons....I hope. She left for tour with the Seattle Cascades on her 18th birthday (and she was so sick! waaaah!) and has been on the road for 6 weeks with them. I'm SUPER proud of her...and I can't wait to see what an awesome music teacher she will be...even more so because of this adventure.
Here she is! Photo cred: her little sister, so ignore the lovely caption.

And my middle hooligan made the varsity cheer squad. We were not really surprised, but very happy for her. She has a darling coach who is battling cancer, but is SUCH a fighter. I pray for her every day....she means so much to us and all these wonderful girls. LOVE her! So I made her a card...
I love the Unity Stamp Company and their inspirational and beautiful stamps.
Please ignore the work area. Just keeping it real. This is where I work.

And by work, I mean relax and play with my stuff that hasn't really seen the light of day for 6 years, before March of this year.
You see, I used to live in a much smaller space, with beings that were getting bigger every single day. It was making me claustrophobic. They were turning into teenagers. And they were in the middle of little girl stuff, and big girl stuff. I really didn't know how to help them, and we had storage issues. Our current home is twice the size, (Thank the LORD!) and everyone has their own room, AND I have a space to call mine and make my messes in. I was trying to create in my bedroom/office/craft area in my old home. It was suffocating. Not that it can't be done, but it just couldn't be done by ME! I'm just not that organized when its a challenge.  I wish I had that gene.

It was SO relaxing to make cards in the hot evening, when you don't want to go outside because:
a) its hot. Five o'clock is the hottest part of the day in Idaho; blew my So Cal girl mind when I moved here,
b) there is possible a wildfire blowing smoke all over the valley and it stinks. We got a couple of nice years, with minimal smoke weeks, so we're due for a bad one.

As I was saying, it was SO relaxing...the I want to do it every night! So I have dinner with the fam, get the dishes going, and head to the craft nook!

The kids are busy on snap/book/insta/time that they don't want to hang with me (also, I'm no longer cool to them), so I just find where I left off with The Blacklist, or some true crime show, until I get freaked out and have to watch something lightheaded like the Kardashians because hey, its dark outside. I do this while stamping stamps that haven't been stamped and chatting it up with my own crazy friends via facebook. Its SO fun! My husband is a talk radio fan, so I can't talk to him then anyhow...he's busy figuring out who to vote for. (whole other kettle of worms there!)

So let me share with you this weeks cards!

Another Unity Stamp Company card.
Diana Girl by Angie Blom.
I can't remember who made that background paper...because its all from my scraps! Love that!
Colored with Copics, Sakura Glaze pen in black (boots) and Sakura Gelly Roll in clear star.
A bit of holographic paper for the sentiment, which is from the same set.
This card is for my daughter, who is on the road all summer. The wonder woman is colored the same color as her drum corps uniform, and red headed like my ginger! <3 How I love and miss her!

Next up:

Orange You Sweet
Stamps: Stampendous, Fresh Fruit
Colored with Copics
Lasting Impressions dotted paper from WAY back.
And ribbon, probably from Joann's
Wish I hadn't inked the edges gray, but live and learn.

Happy Birthday Bird
Stamps: Dina Wakley, Ranger,
Colored with Copics
Inked with Distress Ink in Walnut Stain.
I originally wasn't going to make a card out of this bird after I colored it. It looked like a chicken nugget to me. But I tossed it on a scrap of orange and it didn't look so bad, so I made it into a birthday card after been informed that we were running out of birthday cards. (My kids, will they ever know the pain of paying $4 for a card at the store? I hope not!)

Ok, blurry photo...sorry, I put the card away and now I can't seem to locate it!
I was just trying out something with this acrylic set.
Its Stampin' Up, Sheltering Tree.
I bent the sentiment...and I like it!
Not my favorite card, but at least I made one!

So I also did this....using it already! So glad I did easy...and again, done while I was watching tv! Some of these pads I'd had for at least 6-7 years!
I only had to toss one color because it had separated into its green and red base colors. Not bad!

This one I did last week, but I wasn't blogging last week, so here it is. 
A REALLY old SU! stamp, but one of my very favorites. I love making the bottle look like glass with Glossy Accents! 
Made these two late last night.
Stamps: MFT, You Take the Cake & SU! Yippee-Skippee (sentiment)
Sequins from Recollections, attached with Glossy Accents
Random scraps from my scrap files(!)
Ribbon from a long ago ribbon swap
Stamps: Paper Smooches, Incognito
Sakura Glaze Pen in black
Smooch in Red
Dimensional heart sticker, Sticko
Mustache stamp, Paper Smooches, Incognito
Sentiment: MFT, Geek is Chic
Washi tape, from who knows where
Background paper, Green Stack, DCWV

Well, there ya have it...I'm home again tonight, waiting to watch my girl on the field in Broken Arrow, OK! Come on show time!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I can't believe I scrapped!

It must have been at least 6-7 years since I truly put pictures on a page for any continued measure of time. But I joined the LOAD (LayOut A Day) with Lain, (her last one!) and I made a LO almost everyday for 29 days! By the end, it was kind of forced, and I stayed up on the 29th to finish seven LOs! (Granted, it was also the District 3 Cheerleading Competition very busy). I got to bed about 2:30 am....successful in my endeavor!

I've now decided that I till love traditional scrapping with paper. And I have the supplies to continue for many, many years, only adding a few trendy things now and then. I have had to purchase some high school colored papers recently, as I have a large number of photos of the girls' activities over this year and a couple past. Life is so funny how it changes. For years it was photos of projects, field trips, and class parties, but now its competitions, awards and dances. I remember feeling like these days would never come....I was so exhausted every day from their stuff. I wasn't I know, but was truly a struggle. I am SO much better these days. What a true blessing!

Well, that was a rabbit trail...wasn't it? I was trying to tell you that all that scrapping made me want to continue I joined the "Calvinball" at Get It Scrapped. You can check it out here: Calvinball Forum at Get It Scrapped. Its a silly game where you track your points while scrapping...I'm digging it already!

I stamped on this page!! I never do that! Now I want to explore other ink/page options! My friend made this lovely card, and I think I'm going to hit her up on how she did it. Its a heart with a few shades of red/pink and then it appears that water droplets were sprinkled upon it. I'll post if I make it successful!

This layout was early in my 2:30am festivities. They got increasingly sparse and simple as the hours ticked by. See?

Today I will finish up a layout from Christmas and upload photos to print. The spring round of sagebrush must be I'm just keeping it easy head is killing me!

More posting tomorrow on things I've discovered while Calvinballing and returning to scrapping/crafting over the last couple months.

Have a lovely day!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Well, that was a busy few days!
Now that the Ladies Conference/Retreat is over, and the Golf Scramble is over....we can breathe a little!

Suddenly, it has turned to fall here, and its time for me to reshake the clothing for my kids (so they don't free and fry every day!), and get the house ready for winter. I'm planning on some quilts and pillows for my couch, as the cats have taken over my 25 y/o scottie dog blanket (which I'm FINE with!). I'm ready to quilt with some reds, oranges, browns (sorry BFF, I know how you feel about brown!), and green. I can't leave out the green. Ready to get my house back in order too.

But I wanted to share this awesome thing my girls did with the leftover decorations from the Ladies Retreat. We had gathered up all the stuff, and cleaned the church where we hosted the event, and we were taking these back to our home church to look nice for the next day's service. They brought them inside, and went to work at the mantel. Look how great it turned out! Not bad at all for a 13 y/o and an 11 y/o!

It was nice to come to church and see this happy scene.

Then it was back to work in the book of Ezra.

Yeah, I'm a doodler. 

I'm off to work on a pillow sham with leftover fabrics from my daughters quilt I posted the other day. I just want to use up some of my scraps! :D

Have a day!

Friday, September 20, 2013

More projects! and back, as promised.

Today, I'm frantically getting ready for our Ladies' Retreat, sponsored by my church. Its an event that rotates around the area affiliated churches. We are expecting 75+ ladies this Saturday for our Relax, Recharge, Reboot event. We have a guest speaker, inspirational music, continental breakfast, and a yummy lunch to share while listening to other believer's testimonies to our loving God. I'm excited. I'm already tired, but somehow, He keeps me going!

I've been planning all along, but these decorations just got made. We were kind of in a holding pattern until we knew how many ladies were signing up to attend. Finally, we got to order the flowers, and make some of these things. These are for the food tables. We have a few folks with some food allergies.

These are our "vases" for our daisies. Most of the boots I found took the paint easily, but these rubber boots were sticky after, so I gave them a shot of acrylic sealer. Spray paint is my friend. (all boots soaked in bleach water prior to painting!)

My husband got on the spray paint bandwagon a bit...and we have these resin patio chairs that are still in great shape, they just needed an update. So they got it! Don't they look a million times better? And they match my patio furniture now! Colors are by Rustolem (Espresso and a shot of a copper I got for another project.) Can't wait for the rest to get done now!

So there you have it! My latest projects.....I have a couple more in store, but tomorrow is the retreat, so I'll have to share with you sometime on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend. And may God bless you!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Well, well, well....

Look how long it has been since I blogged. Maybe I'll take it up again.

I'm just looking around here...and my goodness. Things have changed. My girls are SO big now...I have a high schooler, middle schooler, and one in her last year of elementary school. Trying to keep them connected through activities is working out for me, but probably not much longer. They all do the local drill team together; its been a nice sister thing.

Social media has pretty much taken the place of the blog, for the most part, bloggers must have both to stay connected. Which I appreciate. Blogging is no easy chore; taking the pictures, formulating the ideas, and putting it all together can be daunting. Plus, sometimes the question of "what do I say?" must arise. Frequently and frankly, I think I'm just not that interesting.

So, as I catch up my blog a little bit..... I think I'll just do it by project or as the whim hits. (which is pretty much what I do anyhow, and apparently that whim hasn't hit for two years!) Actually, I have projects to share now! More on that in a few...

I have a routine in the morning, do you? I like to (and by "like" I mean, I have to!) either get myself up and throw on my fuzzy pj pants, bunny slippers, glasses, grab a cup o' joe and take the kids to band, choir, or volleyball at 6:30 a.m. OR....let them take the bus on the days with no practice. My FAVORITE! Then I just do all those things without getting in the van, and I get to sit in my desk chair and drink my coffee while reading fun blogs, or deciding what project I want to tackle today.

Today's funny blog was this one...oh you won't be sorry reading here....soooo funny. I already love her mom. The blog is My Life and Kids by Anna Luther. Hysterical truth, you won't be sorry. She didn't pay me to say that either.

And I have my trusty old favorite Thrifty Decor Chick who is entertaining and inspiring, as well. Sarah makes me have that "I can do this!" attitude about making my house how I want it to be. And reminding me that life gettin' crazy on ya, happens. Like right now, when I dropped off my 6th grader not more than 10 minutes ago and she's already called me. What was I saying again? Oh yeah....Sarah didn't pay me either.

As many of my four readers may know, my husband is a semi-pro (hehe...I dunno what to call him!) BBQ Competitor. His blog PatioDaddioBBQ has many of our meals on it. I'm fortunate that his cooking skills allow me the time to goof off be creative. I don't know how I got so fortunate. I tell ya, God was lookin' out for me giving me this man! Thank you, God! I was just mentioning that here because a) he has good food, and b) I want everyone to have the time to get creative (his recipes, make someone else make them! ha!), and c) he wouldn't let me make him a quilted smoker I had to make a sewing machine one instead. Boo, right? Why not?

In case you didn't know...I've kinda stopped my scrapbooking habit. I don't know why. Its not like I don't want to scrap, its just not a priority right now. Oh yes, I still have all the goodies. I've passed on some, but I kept other things for school projects and home projects. I still make cards, and kept all my stamps. But now, I'm a quilter. A home show stuff or anything like that. I've been in love with quilts since I was a child. Both of my grandmothers were quilters, and I have a few quilts from each. A couple specifically made for me (below, made of my clothing as a child and completely hand quilted), and some just everyday quilts, which are really wonderful.

So, with the help of some friends and some blogs, I've taught myself to quilt. I made a quilt top in a class with a friend about 20 years ago. (Hi Vickie, if you are out there!) And another of my friends has a long arm machine, and she quilted it for me! Its beautiful....and I gave it to my mother who hung it in her guest bedroom for many years. But I wanted to quilt one myself...ya know, make it from start to finish. So I did. Here is my first real "all me" quilt, I made for my oldest daughter. (The green looks weird in this photo, but its really a lovely spring green that matches her walls, which are also not this weird color).

I learned a lot on her quilt...and of course, now she is a full blown teenager, and wants to redecorate. Oy!

I moved on to my middle daughter. She is a lover of all things pink & sparkly, like most girly-girls. I made her this one. It didn't go as smoothly, but it will do for now. (Look how little she is in this picture!!!!

My poor baby girl, Snickerdoodle....I have not finished her quilt. Bad mommy! And she lets me know. However...I have made myself a sewing machine cover! I have a dusty house...and I'm not so fond of the dusting. So....if I could quilt stuff to cover my entire house, I would! ha!

With the help of the directions at Sew Delicious (and you can see, I had horded the same fabric line!), I made this cover:

Ooh look at get to see a smidge of my disorganized dwelling too! And my ipad! :D Bonus!
I'd never made anything like I am pretty impressed with myself for finishing it. I'm also a chronic "unfinisher".....I like to use my kids as an excuse too. But really, I think I just get overwhelmed by this mothering thing. Juggling alllll this stuff is a tough business. I used to be a 9-1-1 operator, and THAT was easier than being a mom!

Well, I am going to go take some picture of more projects to share with you tomorrow. Thank you for stopping by. Cross your fingers on that quilted smoker cover.....

Have a day!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Yeah, I know, I'm a bit late with that greeting for most folks around my parts. School has been out almost two weeks, and life hasn't slowed down but a fraction. My two oldest girls have gone off to horse camp for a week, and I've been catching up on rest, which I apparently needed very badly! After all the packing up and delivering of children, I was beat! I've napped every day and so has my 9 y/o daughter who decided to stay home! (Yep, I've got a momma's girl...can't blame her, her family is all she's ever known, we are her comfort zone.)

So, here it is, Wednesday, and after I go sit with my kiddo at her summer band lessons, she's learning the french horn, and deliver some neighborhood kids back (their mom works, I just give them the ride home), I'm home to paint my daughters head and foot boards! I've had this project on my plate for a long time, with never the gumption to get started, and I've told myself for months that camp time was painting time. So that's the plan. Today, I take apart the bed, and sand....I hope to prime too, but you never know. I'll probably clean toilets while the paint dries, and perhaps take my daughter out for sushi....but sushi might wait for Friday, because I feel pretty un-hungry even after my first morning cup of coffee. I think its the ol' sinus acting up again.

So, at any rate....perhaps someone reading this can give me some perspective....after my hard drive crash of earlier this year, my blogging screeched to a halt, as all my reference pics were toast. So, I'm resorting to web links, and retaking pics, so pardon my links.  Back to the perspective part....

I have this sectional (roughly, mine is a darker chocolate brown) in my living room. It was a gift from my parents, and its PERFECT for my family of five, plus fur family members. Its the best for watching movies, folding laundry, or nursing a sick kid. Each piece has a recliner, one set has a drink station in it (for the BBQ man) and the other is next to a great table I got at the Youth Ranch Thrift Store for $25 (also on my painting list!).
Example available at

I found some great pillows at Home Goods that I adore...and I've done the drop cloth drapes that I think I saw first here but they are really all over the interwebs so, who's to say WHERE I saw them first. But I want to do something along the lines of this with them. Kimba, at A Soft Place to Land, did a great job, they look so nice. She has a very inspirational DIY blog. My own DC panels are still hanging in a puddle on the floor, and since I've had a moment to breathe I noticed I drew the short straw at Home Depot and one of my  panels has the seam! it really might end up a drop cloth! (Since today I am painting and all!)

So with my dark sofa, and my DC curtains...and 2 inch faux wood blinds....I'm having trouble deciding what color to paint my craigslist buffet, and my YR side table! My SIL says something light because very in my room is kinda dark. I have a big red wall, that I love, (helped me live with my kitchen cabinets for another year....can you say icky 80's golden oak?) and wait for more $ and time for DIY projects. So now I have tan, red, and green that I want to get rid of, but is livable for now. turn for the shower....bbl!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Well, isn't that exciting?

I finally became a statistic. My hard drive crashed. Yep, you guessed it. No back up. Lesson learned; the hard way. Most of my 2010 pics were on the local drive, or still on the camera cards (blush), and I had a CD full of my recipes. But somethings are gone until I pay $85/hr. for someone to recover it, or try the freezer trick.

So....its so cold here. I am in a deep pit of anticipation for warmer weather. Not for the reasons you might think. Not for running, walking, playing tennis.....PAINTING! I want to paint. I want to paint furniture and picture frames and bunk beds. Yes, I'm crazy.  But my list of UFOs is big...and while I'm plugging away at the "winter UFOs", I really am longing for the spring/summer ones.

First I got this cool buffet of craigslist for $50. Its the perfect size for our needs, but...I have some alterations I want to do to it. First, it needs a shelf inside so that the upper portion is not wasted storage space. Secondly, it needs feet. Feet like feet for refurbed buffet. So there's project one.

Next I want to paint my cabinets. Now, I've never done this big a project before. But Beckie at Infarrantly Creative has, and I'm going to also. I'm going to start in the bathroom. I figure if I mess it up back there, then its just my husband and myself who have to deal/look/tolerate it. If I actually had hardware on my cabinets, I'd do this too: Cabinet hardward makeover. So, there's project dos!

I also have a table in my backyard I've had for two years. I need to get it painted, and use it! Great place for the girls and I to eat lunch, outside, in the fresh Idaho air. Until its 107. :D Project #4.

My oldest daughter is now 12, soon to be 13. I guess its time I did more than just piece her room together. I started a guitar quilt for her this fall, and its continuing to come along. But I want to do the following, as well:

1. paint her head/foot boards (used to be mine) Project #5
2. paint her lamp. Got it from my folks, project 6!
3. cover the lampshade. $3 from goodwill. Project 7!
4. put a vinyl guitar on her wall. Project 8!
5. make curtains for her room and put up blinds Project 9!
6. paint her dresser and get new hardware for it. Project 10!

This one is not for my daughter, but I still want to do it...paint another lamp my parents gave me...and the side table I got at the Youth Ranch for $25. So there are projects 11 and 12. I wonder how long all that will take me? I can't wait for summer, because then you get busy in a different I will have to dive in as soon as it gets above about 53 degrees, and before school is out.

I'll probably do the easiest ones first...the ones that I can do in the winter, or in the garage. I still have the room my other two girls share to redo. Also I want to continue sewing things.

Winter projects include:
1. Drop Cloth Window Coverings (I already have the new rods, got them on clearance)
2. Finishing the quilt!
3. Making daughter's curtains.
4. Making her a guitar pillow. Or maybe a peace sign.

All this on top of the regular stuff I do, like Good News Club for our church, Girl Scouts, and room mom for one of the girls' classes.

Tonight I filled the back of my van with donations of clothing, small children's hangers, books, throw pillows, and misc. statuary from my previous life. Yay! I'm tired of my own clutter!

Ok...well, I blogged these at the advice of a very smart friend. Here is my list, permanently and not just in my head! She is so smart!